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Museum objects and non-museum objects: bicycles & chairs

An exploration This was a project that came out of museum visits in Copenhagen and Munich in May 2006. I liked the idea of a image-led story, part children’s picture book, part Ways of Seeing (John Berger). Many years later … Continue reading

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On the literally transparent FIFA voting booth

At the beginning of 2016 world football’s governing body, FIFA, had an integrity problem. One proposed solution was literal transparency. The June 2015 presidential election had been won by Sepp Blatter only for him to resign days later in disgrace, … Continue reading

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The Prince of Wales, the rhino leg waste-paper basket, and the Museums Association’s Disposal Toolkit

In February 2014, Charles, Prince of Wales launched a new campaign to tackle “the demand for and consumption of specific products from critically endangered wildlife”. Elephants and rhinos in particular were being killed for their tusks and their horns by … Continue reading

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Moving a Museum

Following the things on a museum decant project The museum’s entire collection is moving to a brand-new storage facility. Rehousing takes place at a variety of scales: new facility, new racks, new shelves, new trays. In a warehouse on the … Continue reading

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Out of storage and on display

“We’ll help the British Museum, the Science Museum, and the V&A move their collections out of storage and on display.” George Osborne, 2015 Autumn Statement and Spending Review Speech, November 25, 2015 In an announcement that surprised no-one in the … Continue reading

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Playing with Museum Representations of 18th-Century American Encounters

In 1763 the proprietors of Pennsylvania and Maryland commissioned a land survey to resolve the long-running boundary dispute between the two provinces. Dozens of “axe men” spent the best part of five years clearing lines through the woods, to enable … Continue reading

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Felt Tips and Whiteboards

At the Manchester Museum this week I really enjoyed the multicoloured-felt-tip-on-whiteboard design of the small but nicely formed Manchester Gallery, which was developed in collaboration with local communities: I like the way all of the arrows, underlining, dotted lines, capitalisation … Continue reading

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